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Michelin Stars Shine Bright: Fine Dining in Mallorca

Updated: Feb 27

In the beautiful island of Mallorca, haute cuisine intertwines with the serenity of the Mediterranean to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Mallorca has become a dream destination for food lovers, thanks to a list of restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. Here we present you with a selection of some of the best starred establishments you can't miss on your next visit to this paradisiacal island.

Zaranda - Palma

The prestigious restaurant Zaranda, led by the charismatic chef Fernando Pérez Arellano, delights in the old town of Palma. Located within the luxurious Es Princep hotel, but with independent access, this establishment rises above the remains of an old leather tannery. With its tasting menus such as Hipodermis, Dermis, and Epidermis, Zaranda offers exquisite pickles and Mediterranean flavors. Meticulous presentation and local ingredients guarantee an exceptional culinary experience. With Arab influences paying homage to local tradition, each dish is a masterpiece that combines the essence of Mallorca with the chef's creativity.

 Fernando Pérez Arellano, Zaranda's chef.

Dins - Palma

Dins, beneath Palma's El Llorenç Parc de la Mar, epitomizes Chef Santi Taura's dedication to Mallorcan cuisine. With a contemporary ambiance, the restaurant offers Origens, a curated tasting menu highlighting the island's culinary heritage. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients such as their own olive oil and cheeses, each dish reflects Taura's commitment to tradition. Housed in a meticulously renovated historic building in Palma's old town, Dins provides an enhanced dining experience. Origens, featuring an 11-course seasonal rotation, invites diners on a culinary journey through Mallorca's flavors. Chef Taura often engages with guests, adding a personal touch to the dining experience.

Chef Santi Taura. Dins restaurant.

Adrián Quetglas - Palma

Adrián Quetglas restaurant in Palma opened its doors when the chef returned from Russia, where he had spent a decade serving high-quality Spanish cuisine to Russian gourmets. The restaurant has gained a reputation for offering good food at affordable prices, especially at lunchtime. In the evenings, it offers an excellent tasting menu with paired wines.

Chef Adrián Quetglas

Marc Fosh - Palma

Located in the heart of Palma, Marc Fosh's restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. With a Michelin star, this establishment combines local products with innovative culinary techniques to create dishes that captivate both in flavor and presentation.

Chef Marc Fosh

Voro - Canyamel

In the exclusive Park Hyatt Mallorca hotel in Canyamel, Voro challenges traditional culinary conventions. Directed by chef Álvaro Salazar, this Michelin-starre restaurant offers an innovative gastronomic experience that combines local ingredients with avant-garde culinary techniques.

Sa Clastra

Directed by chef Jordi Cantó, newly arrived on the Michelin list in 2024, Sa Clastra offers a culinary experience balanced between complexity and authenticity. With a combination of local ingredients and innovative techniques, this restaurant is a celebration of the authentic flavors of Mallorca.

Chef Jordi Cantó. Sa Clastra restaurant.

In the heart of Mallorca, every restaurant unveils a unique culinary identity, showcasing the island's rich gastronomic tapestry. From the timeless charm of Dins to the modern elegance of Marc Fosh, each establishment offers a distinct flavor journey. With every bite, you experience the essence of Mallorca's diverse and vibrant dining scene, leaving you with a lasting impression of its culinary excellence.

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